My Blog Post Published on Liftable!

Liftable published my blog post! I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my adventures at Baldwin iCan Bike and raise awareness for SDR. I want more adults and children to get new legs like me!

The 4 Words No One With a Disability Wants to Hear

I’m so honored to be published by The Mighty! This is a dream come true for me.

Can I ask for a favor? Post your comments directly on The Mighty’s site, under the article. It will help get the discussion going. I look forward to hearing what those four words mean to you or your child.

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My Feature Story on The Inquisitr!

Wow! The Inquisitr picked up my story and it went viral, appearing on many websites! It’s so nice of them to use my rock climbing video, don’t you think? My big butt is famous! And, Kim Kardashian thinks she broke the internet? Seriously, I do all of this to raise awareness for SDR so more adults and children can get new legs. I’m thankful that my hard work is paying off.

My Good News Network Feature Story!

Here is my feature story on Good News Network. I’m thankful for this opportunity, as it helps raise awareness for SDR. This is so exciting! Please share and help spread the good news about SDR. Thank you for your support. :-)

National Cerebral Palsy Day 2015: My SDR Story Featured on Daily Concepts!

Thank you to Daily Concepts for featuring my story in honor of National Cerebral Palsy Day! I continue to share my story so that more adults adults and children can benefit from SDR. I celebrate my two-year SDR Anniversary on Sunday! Thank you, Dr. Park!

World Cerebral Palsy Day 2014: ‘Change My World in 1 Minute’

Click on the link to read my Huffington Post article: World Cerebral Palsy Day 2014:’Change My World in 1 Minute.Please share the link on social media. Click on the link to post your comment below the article. Thanks!

Remember to wear green on October 1 to show your support for World CP Day. :-)

A Childless Woman’s Thank You to Jennifer Aniston

My article for The Huffington Post: A Childless Woman’s Thank You to Jennifer Aniston really struck a chord – 7,000 likes and counting!

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