You Will Never Know

You will never know
how much I care
or that when you speak
I breath your air

You will never know
how happy I am
when you are near
or that your laughter
melts my tears

You will never know
that I don’t want to love you
it is a choice I didn’t make
my heart belongs to you
and is here for you to take.

Oh, how I love you…
You will never know.
(c) Nicole Luongo


12 thoughts on “You Will Never Know

    • Hi Kymmie!

      Wow, thank you for awarding me with my second Sunshine Blogger Award! How very nice of you!! Thanks for reading my blog…so neat to know I have a mutual fan, as I am one of yours. πŸ™‚

  1. Ok. Here was my last comment:
    I really like the line “and when you speak I breathe your air”. I really like how this poem flows. Do you just spit these out or do you really have to think about them?

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