Eternal Love

Your love is like a candle
its flame burning bright
with the promise of new beginnings
and two hearts full of light

Let your love shine through
the windows of your soul
day and night
for the rest of your life

Listen with your heart
keep an Open mind
Value each other
Enjoy every moment together
for your love
is like a candle
a symbol
of the eternal flame
that will burn bright
all the days of your life
now and forever…
as husband and wife.
(c) Nicole Luongo


6 thoughts on “Eternal Love

    • Thank you! Two of my best friends asked me to write something for their wedding years ago. It was such an honor, although nothing came to me until the last moment. I am not used to writing on request. I’m so glad it turned out well. πŸ™‚

  1. That was so special Nicole!!! That made our day way way back then…….. : ) And it’s still beautiful!!! Makes my day now! : ) S

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