I want to be free
to be me
the person I am
not the person
the world
wants me to be
Free me with your love

I want to be accepted as a
beautiful, intelligent woman
Love me for my:
body, mind, and spirit

I want to experience true love
the kind that tastes sweet
like chocolate
soft and soothing
rich in flavor and texture
Intoxicate me with your love

I want to be honored
like a queen on her throne
Respect me with honesty

I want to feel special
irreplaceable and unforgettable
admire me
like an original painting
with beautiful, vibrant colors
Treasure me with kindness.

Free me
Love me
Intoxicate me
Treasure me

Do you want to FLIRT?
(c) Nicole Luongo

A poem from Naked Desires.


12 thoughts on “FLIRT

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  2. smiles…i think we all on some level want that bit of attention that makes us feel alive…saw you over at dverse and though i would jump over…you should write something and come join us…

  3. Commanding and full of flavour.
    “I want to be honored”
    “I want to feel special”
    This forcefulness really worked well. I definitely have to hang around your blog more often. Your poetry has this lovely sense of majesticness to it.

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