Kelly’s Choice Radio Show Interview

I will be on Kelly’s Choice Radio Show (click on the link to listen) with Edwina Wilson on today, March 3, from 2-3 p.m. EST discussing Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, SDR, What CP Looks Like and more! I’m honored to be on the show two years in a row.

Let’s Talk Cerebral Palsy on Love860AMWAEC! Click listen live on to listen to the show.



SDR Update: Pilates and Physical Therapy

Nearly 3.5 years after my surgery, I finally found something worthy of some of my fundraising money: a purple (my favorite color) AeroPilates Reformer Plus purchased on eBay!

I’ve heard about the benefits of Pilates, and I’ve wanted to try it.  I know it will work my muscles in an entirely different way. Jumping around is fun but I look forward to gentler form of exercise. I know it will work my muscles in an entirely different way. Looks easy? Think again!

Thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraiser. I’m putting the money to good use. This is What CP Looks Like!

After SDR: Touching Toes

I have cerebral palsy. Since seeing is believing, I thought I’d show you how I’m living life FREE of spasticity. Selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery (SDR) changes lives!

There is NO benefit to spasticity! The frustrating part as an adult with CP, is that doctors don’t tell you this information (many of them don’t have a clue) — what they say is hat you won’t get worse, which is not really true. Your CP won’t get worse, but due to spasticity, the effects of it will continue to harm your body over time, often leading to problems in adulthood. I’ve heard stories about so many people with CP who ended up in a wheelchair later in life. I’m not saying this to scare anyone, but rather, to encourage you to learn about how premature aging affects all of us. SDR is the only medical procedure that can permanently reduce and/or eliminate spasticity.

I found out about SDR by accident when I was 39 and, if I hadn’t stumbled across the information, I would still be struggling to do (or in some cases, not even be able to do) things others take for granted. And because I had SDR, I rest assured knowing that I’m free of spasticity,Yes, I still have CP, but thanks to the surgery, the wear and tear on my body — with respect to spasticity only — will not continue. This is why I am so passionate about sharing the information. I want more adults and children to get new legs like me, and be FREE of spasticity and so much more!

SDR Update: 2.5 Years Post-Op

Note: I could run prior to SDR but I don’t have any video of it. It used to feel like I was walking thru mud before SDR. Now, walking, running, etc. is easier and much smoother.

Watch the PRE-SDR videos on my YouTube Channel. Then, leave a comment telling me what differences you see.

Article about my friend, Nicole

Thank you to my friend Eva for sharing my article on her blog. She has supported me from the beginning, when I joined WordPress and had no idea what I was doing! I think she was one of the first bloggers to give me a blogger award, too! Please visit to read her blog post and her beautiful poetry. 🙂


This newspaper article about my friend, Nicole, blogger at, is inspiring, and I hope you all will pass it along. Her life-changing SDR surgey for cerbral palsy is what she advocates, along with rights for the disabled.

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My Feature Story on The Inquisitr!

Wow! The Inquisitr picked up my story and it went viral, appearing on many websites! It’s so nice of them to use my rock climbing video, don’t you think? My big butt is famous! And, Kim Kardashian thinks she broke the internet? Seriously, I do all of this to raise awareness for SDR so more adults and children can get new legs. I’m thankful that my hard work is paying off.

National Cerebral Palsy Day 2015: My SDR Story Featured on Daily Concepts!

Thank you to Daily Concepts for featuring my story in honor of National Cerebral Palsy Day! I continue to share my story so that more adults adults and children can benefit from SDR. I celebrate my two-year SDR Anniversary on Sunday! Thank you, Dr. Park!