My Guest Radio Show Host Gig for Kelly’s Choice

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month was busy for me! I did two radio shows, my article got published by The Mighty, I participated in a video project (click on the link to watch) featuring five adults with cerebral palsy and my Facebook page, What CP Looks Like, reached thousands of people! Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures and greatest gift videos to my page.

The month ended on a high note. I was the guest host — first time doing this — and a guest on Kelly’s Choice Radio Show (click on the link to listen) on March 31, 2017.  Back by popular demand, me and my friend, Matt Rich, talked about a lot of topics during the show: why cerebral palsy awareness matters, the media blackout, how people can get involved & advocate on social media and more!

SDR: Life-Changing Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

I’m thrilled that my first article for The Huffington Post, SDR: Life-Changing Surgery for Cerebral Palsy,  is reaching so many people!

Please share the link on social media. Comment by clicking on the link and posting below the article to help me raise awareness for SDR.

Thank you all for supporting me along my journey. The WordPress blogging community is wonderful!

FACEBOOK: The Naked Truth

I’ve loved computers ever since I was a young girl. I remember asking for only ONE thing on my Christmas list – an Apple 2G computer – thinking I would actually get it that year! I figured my parents might seriously consider it, since it was the only thing I wanted. Sadly, I didn’t get my coveted computer. I suppose I’ve come to a full circle computer moment, as I am the proud owner of a Macbook laptop.

One of my favorite things to do on my computer is connect with others. Even though I’ve loved technology for years, I refused to join Facebook…what was the point? I created a Myspace account; I didn’t like it. I thought I’d have the same reaction to Facebook. I didn’t. Five years ago, my friend Jay Auerbach got me thinking about the popular social networking site. I listened and laughed as he spoke with delight about how he’d re-connected with his college buddies. He told me I HAD to get on Facebook! He was right.

I decided to give Facebook a try. I figured it would be a great place to publicize my book. I quickly became addicted. I received so many congratulatory posts – regarding my book and t.v. interview – from old school friends. I connected with people I haven’t talked to in nearly twenty years! Five years later, I have over 600 friends, a Naked Desires poetry book page with 105 fans, and now, a new blog which has received over 500 views in five days – thanks to my Facebook family!

I love Facebook, but it is not perfect. There is something I’d like to change. I’d like to encourage the millions of people there to really connect with each other. It’s easy to meet others on your computer; true connection takes work. Do you really know your Facebook friends – the essence of who they are? How many of your “friends” do you actually know or have met in person? I have hundreds of friends, yet I am alone all the time. It’s one thing to connect on a computer screen; meeting face to face or talking on the phone leads to a much deeper connection. Let’s put true FACE TIME back in Facebook!

The NAKED TRUTH about Facebook: it’s my portal to the world and it helps me feel less lonely. It’s a place where I can go to connect and receive encouragement along life’s journey. It help keeps me sane. I’ve been going through a lot; I often feel alone simply because I am most of the time. I am not a lonely person – just a person who is alone too much. To me, Facebook is the ultimate friend – it’s always there and never disappoints!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook.